Monday, June 1, 2009

summer in a jar

I forgot just how much I love this summer favorite until I saw two jars perched on the ledge of a neighbors flower bed while out running this morning. Summer in a jar. Sun tea.
You don't need a fancy jug with a spigot. A jar with a tight fitting lid will do. Here is a "recipe" if needed. I read somewhere that it should never stay out for more than 3 hours due to bacteria risk. Refrigerate when done. Add your pinks and/or blues and yellows, or an inch of sugar, as many Southerners prefer or nothing at all.
The mind wanders while running. It's a beautiful thing. One fragmented thought leads to another. Sun tea turns to tea in general, then to our seventeenth wedding anniversary, which is today, and finally to this particular page in Alan's sketchbook from our Bermuda honeymoon. He says,
"The tea comes in a tall, narrow glass. Shari can drink the entire glass with one swig of the straw. One glass is all you get if Judith, the waitress, is in the weeds. Shari likes Dallas iced tea, where the glass is never empty." I still do.

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