Monday, June 29, 2009

family cookbooks

I wish I could tell you I have an orderly system for managing recipes. Truthfully, with the invented categories and hand scrawled recipes with cryptic abbreviations written on the back sides of bank deposit slips, torn envelopes and children's homework, this system likely makes sense only to me.
Years ago, Sophie decorated and compiled The Lidji Family Cookbook, Volume 1. This little binder served us well. For awhile. Then, our family grew along with our favorites.

Sadie made Volume 2, the cover illustration depicting a scene in a bustling kitchen complete with flustered, sweaty chefs who are obviously in the weeds. You know what I mean if you've ever worked in a restaurant.

If you're in search of some new favorites for your family and friends, here are a few of the top ten summer cookbooks selected by National Public Radio. Read this for the entire listing along with descriptions. I need, ok want, Tacos. What looks good to you?


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