Tuesday, June 30, 2009

jesus, alan, tully & vincent

Immortalized in cocoa powder, Alan and Tully, the birthday boys, smile from atop a fondant covered cake with cigars blazing. Isn't this the coolest birthday cake ever?!? Talented friends, Jan (equipped with mad cutting skills and endless patience) and Ka (the idea guy) Yeung, made this for the guys birthday celebration.

Here is the photo I provided to Jan not knowing what she was planning to do with it. She used the photo to hand cut a stencil. It's a remarkable likeness, don't you think?

Just spotted in Oak Cliff. Vincent van Gogh on my friend Malina's chicken nacho. Woah, spooky,right?!? He now lives in Malina's moms deep freeze. Click here for funny pics of foods that resemble Jesus. Happy Birthday Alan.


  1. Alan has never looked so good! I guess everyone looks better in chocolate. Jan and Ka are brilliantly talented.


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