Wednesday, June 17, 2009

N.O.O.F. the naturally oscillating outdoor fan

My husband Alan is always looking for ways to upgrade our home. Here's his latest.

Naturally Oscillating Outdoor Fan

Here’s a cool way to keep the mosquitoes away this summer. If you’ve got a old box fan lying around the house, you can get it to gently oscillate using the action of the fan itself. You’ll need some chain, 2 -12" threaded rods with 4 wing nuts. Hang the fan with the chain from a large hook at least 24" from the backwall. Put one threaded rod at the top of the chain and one at the bottom. Using the wing nuts, you can adjust the distance of the chain. The closer the chain is at the top, the faster the box will turn. Widen the distance of the chain and the fan slows down.


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