Tuesday, June 9, 2009

where are they now?

I wonder what happened to all my favorite childhood clothes? Where are they now? The footy pajamas, the Fonzie t-shirt (Aaay!), the scratchy polyester double knit dress with mandarin collar and matching cape with frog closure made by Mom for Easter, the blue with white stripe Starsky tennis shoes.......Starsky was always my favorite. Never Hutch. Even when he scored big in 1976 with back to back hits, Black Bean Soup and Don't Give Up On Us. I see a pattern here. I always liked the Jewish boys.......

Unlike my siblings and me, clients Sarah and Natalie will never have to wonder where their favorite clothes ended up......they'll be underfoot... reincarnated as ottomans.

upper left: back row - l to r - me, Dori, Micki front row - David licking my arm and Tim

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