Tuesday, September 15, 2009

costume idea swap

Every year when I see clever Halloween costumes, I always think I'll remember them the following year. Unfortunately, committing anything to memory is a bad idea. Unless it's useless celebrity trivia, for which I have remarkable memory retention. Anyway, this Halloween, I thought it could be fun to swap ideas with one another. Are you all about store bought convenience? Or only homemade will do? Our ideas in the past have ranged from elaborate to simple. The younger the child, the more insanely time consuming the costume. Think Disney princess Belle in mounds of lemon colored satin that raveled as fast as I could sew, to Ms. Piggy, which we made the night before. Won't you pretty please play along and email some of your favorite costume photos and I'll share them on a future post?
Send to: shari@redllamastudio.com


  1. Love this photo. Halloween is such a fun time. My youngest is planning on being a clown/vampire/football player/nerd. Can't wait to see what he comes up with. My other sons best costume was a homemade Elvis - we bought the wig - but it has been well worth the $. Unfortunately my daughter has been sucked into the rather scantly dress witch costumes from the store. If I think of others I will pass along.
    xo ann

  2. Sadie looks awesome! -- I would love to have her at my Halloween party! My favorite Halloween costume for my daughter was when she was a princess in her deep purple, store purchased gown. She was about 5 and looked grand. My favorite costume for my son was a hand made pumpkin outfit, complete with a "stemmed" hat. -- This one was the best because it was a hand-me-down. Sue

  3. I think the sweetest Halloween costumes we ever had were when the girls were four. Georgia was dressed as her big guy, Bert, and Lillian was a flower fairy.
    We took a close-up picture of Bert's face and blew it up and made a mask and I bought a white catsuit and stratigically glued his spots on it. Lillian's costume was a hand-me-down from a Michael Johnson photo shoot- she was so cute. I'll e-mail you the picture.
    This was probably the last year that I was in control of what they would wear- they started getting their own ideas after that!

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