Wednesday, September 9, 2009

speaking of globes...

...look at this dreamy globe photo seen on black*eiffel, a cool blog written by a witty girl named Rachel. The photo is by an artist named Natamatika.

Also found on black*eiffel, a feature on London based artist, Elisabeth Lecourt. Look at the beauty in the intricate folds of these old maps. I just love them.


  1. Shari - I love this. thanks.

  2. Shari, great photos! I am just fascinated with globes! (wish now I had paid more attn. in geography!) On my "wish list:" an antique globe....I envision it big~really big, floor standing/spinning with dark wood. I WILL find the perfect one, someday. xo, amy :)

  3. Shari darlin' you are my inspiration! I have posted your blog to mine, as one to watch. love your spirit of fun;


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