Wednesday, September 9, 2009

history & dinner

This is the view from my kitchen pass through. A daddy/daughter study session is in full swing. I cook and observe.

Facts fly and ideas are exchanged. Questioning is highly encouraged around here. Always question. Talk of Columbus and Isabella. Latitude and longitude. The vintage globe comes out. The one I bought for Alan in L.A. many years ago. Names have changed. Information is obsolete. Time to eat. History can wait.


  1. Last night we had a good study session too. I love it when everything clicks. No one too pressed. Everyone doing what they need to do. we ended the evening watching a praying mantis on our window.

  2. Great Picture, Shari. Is Alan giving or getting the lesson?

  3. Thanks Mike....I'd say 50/50 to that question. Alan might disagree.


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