Thursday, September 3, 2009

squint your eyes

Alan and I got a little overzealous at farmers market and ended up with a sizeable pile of squash. I cut up a few for lunch yesterday, drizzled a teensy bit of olive oil, added some sliced onion and roasted them. While still warm, I stirred in a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese. Guess what? It tasted like the covered dish classic, squash casserole. Except healthy. Honestly, just squint your eyes and take a bite. You'll be convinced too. Oh, the little things. They make my day.


  1. Shari, ooohhh you make squash sound yummy! (you see, I had a really bad experience with it at dinner one night as a child...I have not gotten over it & I am almost an adult..haha) As always, beautiful pics & tasty recipes!

    I came up with a stuffed pepper recipe last night to use up the rest of our pulled pork. I will try to remember what the heck I did so I can share it. (Martin is always saying, "writ it down!" I can write it down, but since I don't follow the recipe EVER what's the point I say?!)

    Missed your smile today at TCS. Hope to see it tomorrow! amy :)

  2. Clearly I still need help with the anonymous thing & oh, I didn't proof before posting, obviously. :) writ, write~tomato, tomato :)

  3. good morning amy, you must get over this aversion to squash! squash is your friend.... your peppers sound yummy. a great way to use the pork. like you, i rarely recreate the same thing twice.
    see you. by the way, this isn't the place for spell check. i'll talk you thru the anonymous status. xoxo

  4. A late post - yum on those fun squashes. I love that you and amy cook from the hip. It is so much more exciting!


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