Friday, September 4, 2009

this great guy

It's the weekend and we are officially excited in our home! Because this guy right here, Eric Lidji, is coming for a visit. He has spent the past couple of years working as a reporter in Fairbanks and Anchorage. He survived the bitter cold, total darkness, seal meat (and yes, it does taste like chicken) and an encounter with Sarah Palin. Eric has loads of stories to tell.

A couple of months ago he camped his way across the U.S. in this pup tent eating vats of chicken noodle soup and listening to great music. He landed in Pittsburgh. Speaking of music, Eric makes the best mixes ever! He even creates the cover art especially for you with his signature stick people.

Welcome home Eric.


  1. YEA! Eric is home. How great! Have a wonderful, fun weekend. Hey Eric how did you defrost those glasses? Better how did you defrost yourself. have fun.

  2. Welcome Home Eric! Let us know what you're writing about and listening to. Makes us all feel cooler and smarter.

  3. I defrosted them with the warmth of my heart!

    T minus 9 hours!


  4. hope ya'll have a fun long weekend-
    your blog is cute sheri, and SO you!!


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