Wednesday, September 2, 2009

color job

Right about now...
I'm wishing I hadn't gone all Shear Genius and colored my own hair.
That gray swish looked great in the front! Cool placement. All my friends said so. But I wasn't ready for the swish.
Now a photographer is coming over this week to take my picture for a magazine.
What?!? I ask. Are the chances of that?!?
Do any of you color your own hair with nice results?


  1. Shari - you are beautiful always. If you can wear the swish - wear it.
    Your beautiful! xo ann

  2. what magazine? i can't wait to see the article. color or not , what ever makes you feel best.

  3. Do tell, magazine?! You always look great! Do what I tell my kids to do every day:
    do your best, be the best Shari you can be and always wear your smile! If only everyone wore their Shari Lidji smile more often!
    Can't wait to hear!

  4. Thanks for the boost girls! The magazine is called Modern Luxury. It's an article on artists who are out there producing cool pieces.....below the radar. I'll let you know if/when it runs.

  5. It is definitely a scary thing when you first put that color on your hair! You know I had a good experience, but I don't have a cool swish like you. That swish will come back. I agree with the are beautiful inside and out. I am so excited for you! Please don't forget us little people when you become famous:)

  6. Shari, I am a day late on reading your post, but all the comments are correct. You are always beautiful and I am so excited to read and see you in Modern Luxury. -- Very cool! Sue

  7. thank you beth....and sue! i'll let you know if they run the article. keep your fingers crossed for me.


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