Thursday, September 24, 2009

suddenly everything's right

I went on a nice quiet run this morning. In my brand new tennies. They felt great. White and cushiony. I have lots of tennies and I keep them for way too long. Alan thinks I should reduce my pile. I tell him these are for gardening and these for kayaking and these are my back up work tennies and naturally, I can't part with this pair because I wear those for the family camping trip. I need them all Alan. You know that. He's right of course. But I don't toss out easily. As a kid we used our bath towels until they resembled cheesecloth. Old habits and all that. But I think it's time to clean up my act.

By the way, the title of this post refers to a line from this song.


  1. Hi Shari! I haven't sold any wreaths yet. It's a new endeavor. I have commissioned some stuffed letters, though. About 10" tall, they are meant to be pillows or decor on a shelf. I want to open a shop selling my stuffies and wreaths... and whatever else I think of to make! =) You could definitely open a shop and sell just one thing. Thank you for your interest in my blog.

  2. Were those the new shoes you had on our run this am? No wonder you were leading the pack. Love this post and love the song - one of my favs.
    xoxo - ann
    ps I have a stack of old running shoes as well. I keep all my favorite colors. (a little stinky however - maybe alan is right?)

  3. I love getting new running shoes because they are such an investment and aren't you so proud wearing new running shoes when you are with your running buddies? -- The comment of "cool color" is so appropriate.
    I always keep one pair of old running shoes, but throw the previous ones out. -- Just my habit. -- Would Dave Ramsey approve?
    Thanks Shari!


  4. Shari - love Paolo, love your new shoes!

  5. One more try with one on one help !!! nini


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