Tuesday, January 5, 2010


52 Projects is a blog full of small, random ideas for the everyday joe.
Some are acts of kindness.
Occasionally, they are more introspective, requiring much of your memory.
Won't you please click away and read #42 from Jeffrey Yamaguchi,
boss of all projects? Wouldn't this small gesture make you happy?

Photo via ladysadie


  1. Love this Shari! It makes me rethink the long list of lofty resolutions and think of the simple things we can do to make others and ourselves better. You are a master at this.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is such a COOL idea. Love it! Love #42. Trying to think who I should send it to...

    PS: Thanks so much for your awesome comment on my post at Mom vs. Marathon. I love your quilt idea. I still have my Jr. Lifeguard shirt and a cross-country championship race shirt that I would add to it! Great idea!

  3. I LOVE this Shari...thanks for sharing...have also bookmarked the 52 projects site for further viewing later.


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