Monday, January 4, 2010


Welcome back friends! Did you enjoy the holidays? Since we last visited, I:
celebrated my birthday,
delivered 6 quilts to happy clients,
made a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) for a very special bat mitzvah girl and
a Christmas stocking for a fresh new baby,
baked oodles of ginger snaps and shipped dozens of Red Llama aprons,
consumed a steady diet of caffeine and sugar,
and finally crumbled at work only to pick myself back up again.
After all that, I was able to have fun with my family and friends.
See ya, '09.
What can I say?
You weren't my favorite.
But I'm certain there were some great life lessons in there.
Somewhere. And don't get me wrong '09, I'm grateful for you and every other year.
That said, have a stellar and inspired 2010!
Thanks to Sadie for sharing this magical video she happened upon.
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. You're right - this video is magical. What an amazingly talented daughter you have.

    To the beginning of a new decade in which to enjoy all things magical.

  2. Hi Liz, although my sweet Sadie is indeed talented.....she didn't happen to do this video. She found it and shared it with me. Check out her you tube channel for her latest. I'll email you the link, ok? Cheers to you Liz and all good things for you in the coming decade.

  3. happy birthday! you sure were busy and i loved the video! glad you picked yourself up. on to 2010!


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