Thursday, January 14, 2010

life is an adventure

This week our family went to the book signing of Jeannette Walls.
She is promoting her new book, Half Broke Horses. We all loved her 2005 memoir The Glass Castle. It's a remarkable story of stunning poverty, loving but incredibly neglectful parents and resilient children. A great read. Did any of you read it? We waited a long time to speak with her.

While waiting, we watched a little squirt play with his mom's i phone.

And we peered into Sadie's bag of tricks for something to entertain and amuse.

When we finally reached the table, Jeannette was gracious, genuinely kind and beautiful.
You can't fake genuine. She happily posed with the girls.
She also inscribed the last page of Sadie's moleskine:

She would know.


  1. Shari. Thank you for this post. Cannot wait to read Jeannette's new book. I knew it was coming out soon, but not sure when. This photo is beautiful of Sophie, Sadie & Jeannette.

  2. thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I think I have to get Jeannette's new book as well, I so love the glass castle. Nice blog you have here, I definitely will continue reading it!


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