Wednesday, January 6, 2010

attitude free monogram

Eric isn't the monogram type. It's a little upper crust for him.
A tad elitist.
He's not a flashy guy. His style is subtle, but sharp.
This was Eric's Hanukkah gift from me.
Hand embroidered monogram meets vintage western.
I started with a super soft pearl snap western
shirt from a vintage clothing store in Austin, Texas
called Bitchin' Threads.
Cost: $24.00

Alan knows type. He always picks the perfect font.
I traced the letters with a water soluble marker. It was tiny.
No more than 1/4" letters.
Eric being flash averse, I decided to match thread to shirt and stitch tone on tone.
It was just right.

I used 3 stands of embroidery floss. Embroidering so small
is a little challenging. I used a basic stem stitch.
Would any of you enjoy a stem stitch tutorial? It's an easy, versatile stitch.

Next, I decided to doll up the arm holes a little bit with
a simple running stitch.

Can you see the placement of the monogram?

Well, he loved the shirt and the special details.
Eric, who you might recall from this post, is in Tel Aviv right now.
He's attending the wedding of a friend from Alaska.
Yesterday's Facebook status from Eric:
Macgyver meets Martha moment.
Just used a tea kettle to steam wrinkles from my sport coat.

I'm so proud.


  1. Further endorsement: I'm thinking of doing this on all my shirts and making it my signature.

  2. i love the monogram and it's so special that you made it for him. very subtle. love his m&M moment!

  3. Bring on the lessons. I'm always willing to learn anything you have to teach. The shirt is fantastic and is perfect for the talented body that inhabits it.

  4. Beautiful monogram, really nice. You are always so crafty, really envy you. I don't think I can try all the things you teach on your blog, but I do enjoy reading them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a cool idea Shari - of course he loved it!


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