Friday, January 22, 2010

the beautiful is as useful as the useful

My apologies if this week has felt like an endless
evening of someone else's home movies. I hope
it's been some fun for you too. I think it's time
to wrap it up now.

Puzzlers Daddy and Tim get in touch with their feminine side
with the completion of bunnies and butterflies.
Suitable for shellacking.

A rustic Brady moment.

Only the finest linens for our crew.

Nature's sculptures.

So true! So true!
Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. i think it's been fun, love that rustic brady moment. enjoy your weekend!

  2. great memories! Can't wait to have coffee again soon. XO. amy

  3. I think the beautiful may be more useful than the useful! I've learned how to comment and there's no stopping me!!


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