Tuesday, January 26, 2010

virtuous dinner

Well, things are heating up over on the Biggest Loser campus with accusations of lying and throwing weigh ins and such. Why do the trouble makers always have to reign from Texas?! I just love Tuesday nights! Here is the virtuous meal I'm making tonight.

BBQ Chicken - serves 4 adapted from a Weight Watchers cookbook

3 T ketchup
1 T hoisin sauce
1 T apple cider vinegar
2 t molasses
2 t reduced sodium soy sauce
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

  1. stir together all ingredients except chicken
  2. coat chicken breasts with sauce and bake at 375 degrees until cooked through
I'll serve the chicken with salad and brown rice.

This is a photo of my Weight Watchers journals. I became a lifetime member in 2007. I tracked obsessively to reach my goal. I've put a few back on, so I'm back to writing in my journals and attending meetings once again.


  1. Mmm, I love BBQ sauce. I'm going to have to try making my own one of these days. As for Texans - I have always lived on the coasts, and didn't meet many until I moved to Colorado. And I've liked the Texans I've met almost as much as I like BBQ sauce.
    BODA weight loss

  2. sounds yummy! weight watchers? what?? you look fabulously perfect lady!
    :) amy

  3. Shari - Great recipe. don't we know those journal all too well. One day, one mind set !!!Good job my friend!

  4. Hi Shari! Thanks for stopping by my blog--those ginger snaps are beautiful as is the apron. I'm also a lifetimer but needing to get back on track! I'll be checking out your blog, and hey, a quick weight loss trick -- donate a pint of blood for my Virtual Blog for Blood drive -- a pound! hahaha. I'm giving away a Soutwest airline ticket and other stuff! Looking forward to inspiration over here so I can get back to tracking my foods! Steph aka Manic Mommy

  5. The food at my house has gotten so boring-driven by a 9 year old-so this chicken is perfect.

  6. hi stephanie, thanks for visiting rotten bananas! by the way, i'm texan thru and thru....i'm glad you're a fans of texans. i'm intrigued with your site. will visit tomorrow as i have a day off work.

  7. amy, i love the WW plan. thanks for the nice compliment. i've managed to keep off most of the weight i lost in '07. i must've learned something!

  8. manicmommy.......a virtual blood drive.....sounds painless....i'll be right over.

  9. hi peg, i hear you about the dwindling menu selections for kids.....i keep putting good stuff out there in hopes that one day they will like everything. they did like this chicken...

  10. hi kristen, how have you been? i hope all is well in your world. so good to hear from you!


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